Tyler J. Lamp

3D modeller, designer, & animator

Who am I?

I'm an Arizonan designer who has an interest in making various systems interact nicely with people. My experience with video games has influenced and informed my sense of design, as they have taught me to think about what may create an appealing, interactive experience, and what may not. It started with drawing the various characters from Pokemon, but my infautations later expanded to Minecraft, Fire Emblem, and League of Legends. To me, games are essentially a story with interactive elements, which is an integral way for the developers to connect with the target audience. Now, I find myself analyzing these visual aspects I come across in games, along with the more technical ones to figure out what leaves an impact, and what creates a good, enjoyable experience for the end user. During my free time, I enjoy drawing, learning about Unity and Blender, or crafting Minecraft modpacks to play with my friends.

Education & Experience

I earned my bachelors degree in Graphic Information Technology from Arizona State University, where I learned about animation, 3D modelling, and design. I have worked with most of the Adobe Suite to make videos, animations, print materials, and artwork for various college projects. Additionally, I learned a lot about game development and the Unity engine while pursuing a game development certificate. I've worked with multiple groups of people during my classes, creating games, videos, and animations. My time at ASU also included employment as a teachers assistant and grader, where I helped my peers improve by providing assistance and feedback. Other than that, I've dabbled with doing art freelance for fun.

What do I do?

I would currently consider myself more of a generalist, as I am able to understand and work with 3D modelling, animation, texturing, design, illustration and print. I can work with many common design tools such as the Adobe Suite, and Figma, along with 3D modelling software like Autodesk Maya and Blender. Also, I have experience working within Unity and coding C# scripts for Unity games. I also made a few basic, experimental minecraft mods coded in Java. My hope for the future is to find something to specialize in, and my current aspiration is to get more into UI/UX research and design, because I am interested in how people interact with products.

My favorite projects

Iris 3D model

Iris is a 3D model created from concept to model. Created as a senior capstone, the intent was to create a main character that could be used in a game.

Animal Crossing Concept

A demonstration of user flows and interfaces centered around Animal Crossing. It guides the user through daily tasks in Animal Crossing, while also serving as a guide for players.

Trickets App Concept

Trickets is an app concept, which aims to help make it easier for the user to purchase tickets on the go. It's a trick to get into Movie theatres quicker.

Cheesecake Distribution

A game where you create cheesecakes for hungry mice. A group capstone project for gamedev. My role was setting up the environment and working on some of the 3D models/assets.