I work with the visual aspects of projects

My goal is to design interfaces for both functionality and ease of use

3D Modelling | 3D Texturing | 3D Animation | Game Development | Illustration | Video Editing | Video Fx | UI Design | UX Research

Iris 3D model

Iris is a 3D model created from concept to finish. Created as a senior capstone with the intent of being used as a player character in a video game.

Animal Crossing Concept

A demonstration of user flows and interfaces with a conceptual Animal Crossing App. It guides the user through daily tasks in Animal Crossing, while also serving as a sort of wiki for players.

Trickets App Concept

A concept of a movie ticketing application to streamline the process of purchasing tickets for a movie.

Cheesecake Distribution

A game where you create cheesecakes for hungry mice. Group capstone project, with my focus generally being on modelling and environment.